Loss Control

The primary initiative of WMMIC's Loss Control Plan is to assist the membership with identifying and managing hazards and loss exposures specific to Wisconsin municipalities.

The intended outcome of the plan is to:

  • Reduce the number of reported losses,
  • Mitigate claim damages, and
  • Avoid reoccurrence of similar future claims.

WMMIC serves its members by identifying significant loss exposures and communicating areas of concern. WMMIC utilizes

  • professional risk assessments, specifically but not limited to Member jails
  • contracted training resources
  • on-line and in-person education programs
  • member sharing/discussion
  • continued staff development and training.

By providing these effective risk management tools and staying up-to-date on industry claim trends, new case law and legislation, WMMIC continues to demonstrate its sincere commitment to its members and their communities.

MEMBERS also receive an allotted amount of funds each year for Lexipol support and to provide funding their own loss control programs.

Member Portal

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