Directors & Officers

The WMMIC Board of Directors and its Officers are comprised of official representatives of their respective member municipality. Typically, they are appointed as the official member representative by their County Executive, City Manager or Board of Supervisors. The Board is comprised of seven members, two of which must be from a city member. Two Directors serve one-year, at-large terms, and the other five Directors serve staggered, three-year terms. Directors and Officers are nominated by their member peers to the Nominating Committee. Nominees are recommended to the Board for election at the WMMIC Annual Membership Meeting. The Nominating Committee takes several factors into consideration to maintain diversity on the Board. These factors include geographic representation, job responsibilities within their municipality, commitment to WMMIC, and what the individual can contribute to the Board. The four Officers of WMMIC include the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary and Treasurer are not required to be Directors of the Board.


Eric Veum


City of Madison - Risk Manager

Frank Draxler

Vice Chair

Eau Claire County - Director of Purchasing & Central Services

Mary Jo Maly


Marathon County - Risk Manager

Norm Cummings


Waukesha County - Director of Administration

Ben Wehmeier


Jefferson County - County Administrator

Dan Lowndes


Dane County - Risk Manager

Brian Massey, CPA


Outagamie County - Finance Director

Colleen Schian, AIC


City of Eau Claire - Risk Manager

Laura Stauffer, CPCU, ARM


Waukesha County - Risk/Purchasing Manager